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Dyed Emotions’ first album, AQUA PURA was released a three months after the band formed in 1998.  Initially the idea of Michael Raven while working at a large entertainment corporation in Seattle,  The second member of the band, Chris Groom, joined after responding to an ad on the company memo board.  Raven played Groom a “lame demo of ‘Another Day’, and Groom & his girlfriend seemed to like it.  Groom later said he wasn’t terribly interested in the style of music, but was dying to be involved in a Seattle band and play live shows again, like he had in his hometown in Montana.
Raven’s girlfriend at the time said she knew the ‘perfect person to play keyboards’, and contacted former schoolmate &  friend, Arn Poe, who was drearily plying his musical skills as bassist with a  popular New England Goth band.  Eager to get back out West , and knowing he’d get to keep the eyeliner and crazy hair, Poe shipped his gear back to his dusty hometown in Idaho, and within a couple weeks was on a bus to Seattle.  Poe became employed with the same large entertainment corporation, and drove to Kuna to get his keyboard. 
Meanwhile, Dyed Emotions were auditioning additional members, using another Seattle area bassist  for a short time, and even working with a female vocalist.  (After she suggested the band ‘groove’ more, the frightened members chased her away & she was not invited back. It is believed she may have been devoured by wolves or joined another local act.)
With the bassist and female vocalist spots not working out, Raven considered it a grim situation, and the band effectively dissolved .  Several weeks later, Poe and Groom came back to Raven with a new plan: “Why not just the three of us?”  Raven reluctantly decided to give it a shot, and despite being one of the few acts in Seattle at that time without a live drummer,  It worked.
Dyed Emotions quickly recorded their debut album, and while the final few sessions were yet to be completed, they played their first show together:  An opening slot with The Fixx at Seattle’s The Fenix. Poe, used to hiding behind a guitar or mic stand live, and trying to ‘put on a show’ during his first appearance onstage as a keyboardist, decided to jump up and down wildly while playing.  The immediate result is best described  by Raven:
Apparently some chucklehead managed to trip over the power strip that powered all the keyboards and drum modules during our 1st song... I won't mention his name, but his initials are ARN POE.  We were mid tune when the music disappeared. Guitars and vocals were still active.  I remember making eye contact with a pretty girl dancing to 'Another Day' when it happened.  We were both able to express a genuine look of horror and embarrassment in that brief millisecond.  Perhaps it was her look that motivated me to continue the show - or perhaps it happened so fast that I just kept going without thinking?
Regardless of the reason, Groom and I continued playing while Poe frantically thrashed about on stage seeking the loss of power.  After I sang the first few words, the crowd suddenly went crazy - clapping and cheering.  We were golden at that moment.  The sound guy was probably pissed beyond belief having just suffered a giant electrical POP, but the crowd was now on our side.  Greatest first song of first live performance EVER! 

 Over time, Dyed Emotions became a popular local act, playing monthly in Seattle’s Pioneer Square & bringing in good size crowds.  The music was upbeat, the band was at times bizarre (performing bag-pipe arrangements of their songs in kilts, Goth looking Poe speed rapping during ‘But Not For Me’, Raven pogo-jumping through the audience in a silver fireman’s jacket).  Excessive fog and a light show were added, enhancing the act’s onstage appeal.  The band was able to hand-pick the other bands performing at their shows, and did their best to aid other local acts (especially Endless Still, Tri State Killing Spree, Alexisland, Altered Engine and Lovesick) they enjoyed working with. 
Dyed Emotions later brought the Endless Still on tour with them when they toured some of the Western US. 
Being regularly booked with either “Goth” and “Industrial” acts, or with revived 80’s New Wave acts, Dyed Emotions determined a ‘darker’ or ‘more mature’ sound was in order.  One of the first tracks written for the (later titled) Art of Regret album was “Jie Shao”, an instrumental the band used as background music as they entered the stage in a thick cloud of smoke, garnished by ‘lightening’ flickers of strategically placed strobes.  Where many of the Aqua Pura songs had been written by Poe or Raven and then introduced to the band for finishing elements,  the new songs were, for the most part, written in skeletal segments, then enhanced with ideas from their live shows by each of the band members.  Where Poe might compose music for a song, Raven would write the music, or where Raven would come to the band with a few lyrics and a bass line, Groom and Poe would flesh it out.  A track that didn’t make it to Aqua Pura, “True”,  was re-written and included on the album (it’s also the only Dyed Emotions track to feature all three band members singing).
“Radio Static” was recorded direct-to-tape in an unnamed location by Poe while he was listening to the Art Bell radio program (now called “AM Coast To Coast”), and the whispers at the end of the song – as well as some of the background noise – is a direct homage to the show.  Raven later enhanced the track & chose to include it on the album.   “Lurking In The Balance” and “Your Will” were both fleshed out primarily by live shows, and recordings of the bands performances during this time show very different versions of each song. 
Versions of two of the new tracks, “Lost Like You”, and later “Frequency”, were featured on CD compilations, one for  Lexicon Magazine,  the other for WXJL in New York.  During the Art of Regret sessions, the band also recorded a cover of OMD’s “If You Leave”, that was included on MESSAGES: Modern Synthpop Artists Cover OMD.  Both “Frequency” and the OMD cover song were available for download through Verizon Wireless’ VCast Music  service when it was first available.

Shortly after completing the recording of “Art of Regret” in 2001, Dyed Emotions went their separate ways.   Poe & Groom joined Sean Sterling, Kristin R, and Cody Groom for a project they called “Saturn Would Fall” – a sort of space-punk outfit which played one show & whose best material was a cover of Britney Spears’ “Lucky”.  Poe left the group to join Raven again, and the remaining members  of Saturn Would Float formed “Nothing For Now” and played a handful of additional shows  … while Raven recruited Drummer Genghis Vaughns, supplemented with two members of peer band Altered Engine: a  guitarist  called “Toad” and keyboardist  Jim Temple.  The quintet played a single show in 2002 before geographic problems  and  occupational demands effectively stifled the band’s progress.

In 2006, Raven and Poe again had the ability to channel more time into Dyed Emotions, and the “Art Of Regret” project was revived.  In the first three months of 2007, despite heavy snow and difficulty getting Poe and Raven on the same continent at once, the duo mixed and refined most of the tracks that had been recorded 6 years prior.  Some negotiation took place (Mostly over whether or not “Sleepless (It’s Been Fun)” should or should not appear on the album in its original form, due to some changes in Poe’s lifestyle & a distaste in the song since its inception).  Finally, during a cold Seattle rain in mid March, the photographs for the album artwork were taken in diverse parts of the Seattle suburbs.   

Random Stuff:

  • GPS coordinates to several key locations in Dyed Emotions’ history (photo shoots, shows, etc), as well as the location of Poe’s “EGN” are listed in the artwork of ART OF REGRET.  They were added to fill in space …
  • Raven began writing music in 1986 on a Commodore 64 computer. 
  • Poe didn’t even begin listening to music until 1989 or so, and began writing music that same year.
  • Poe was once in a Boise band called Tek Tek Tek, and appears in Boise compilation “Rotating Tongues” under a different name.  Songs penned by Poe & Tek Tek Tek during this time were featured on Boise radio shows in the mid 1990’s.
  • Dyed Emotions have been reviewed internationally, have been featured on radio and television internationally, and in the first part of this century, their fan club was based out of Malaysia.
  • Despite the long break between Aqua Pura and Art Of Regret, Dyed Emotions has already begun work on their 3rd album. 
  • Dyed Emotions (Poe, Groom, Raven) were unofficially “The Tallest Band In Seattle”, each of them over 6’2”. 
To date, Dyed Emotions have appeared on six commercially available recordings (individual band members have appeared on additional recordings not listed here).

, dE's first album, was released in 1998. The Seattle Rocket (may they rest in peace) hated it, while elsewhere the band received great reviews, including a review of one of their live performances in Germany's Onstage magazine. The album itself had an ethereal feel, and the overall sound of the album was a great fit with the Aqua Pura motif.

The DRIP compilation was a diverse collection of Seattle artists & was released in a joint effort by SeattleSounds.com and DrDrew.com to raise awareness for two seattle-area non-profit organizations, AD2SEATTLE and S.A.V.E.(Students Against Violence Everywhere). Dyed Emotions contributed their track, "Night" (from the Aqua Pura album), for the project. [NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

LEXICON MAGAZINE released Now Music For Pop People, Volume IV, a collection of synthpop/electronic acts with issue #16 of the magazine. The CD included tracks from 80's bands BERLIN, ELECTRONIC, ABC, and A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS, as well as tracks from newer bands THE FAINT and BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL. The dE track was a version of Lost Like You that differs considerably in its arrangement from the version later released on AOR. [NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

MESSAGES: Modern Synthpop Artists Cover OMD was exactly as described - another collection of modern synthpop acts covering the songs of 1980's synthpop pioneers, OMD. Several great synthpop artists contributed to this CD, two of the better known were THE FAINT and WHITE TOWN. Dyed Emotions performed OMD's best known song, "If You Leave" for the CD.

WXJL Presents Music For the Masses Volume Two is another compilation of Electronic/Synthpop acts released The CD was produced wonderfully, and includes an earlier mix of dE's Frequency.

ART of REGRET is Dyed Emotions' second full album. Originally scheduled for release in 2001, the album was delayed nearly seven years by various absences and other projects. The 2001 tracks were re-mixed (still maintaining the original instrumentation) and refined for several months, with the mastered tracks & artwork completed in July 2007.

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