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LEXICON MAGAZINE #10, Spring 1999:
It could have been more grunge, but thank God it’s not. Instead we find a well done, well written synthpop oriented collection of songs.  Like Science Park, Dyed Emotions mix it up a little bit more than the average synthpop band, using guitars, both electric and acoustic.  There is some interesting stuff going on here, especially the drum loop stolen from “Temptation” and used to great effect on “Night”.  Elsewhere the band has worked hard to rise above the standard fare, usually with great success. 
The last three tracks are the best. All have an added world music flare, a possible direction for the outfit that might serve it well.
The band has toured a bit in the Northwest, opening for A Flock of Seagulls and The Fixx, among others.  And for a group that has only been together since this summer they have come a long way. Like many new synthbands their vocals could use some firming up, but other than that they are a band worth keeping an eye out for.

SEATTLE’S “The Seattle Weekly” 17 December 1998:
DYED EMOTIONS – Though they only made their live debut six months ago as an opener for the Fixx’s Fenix gig, this synth-pop trio have already released an 8-track CD, Aqua Pura.  Dyed Emotions’ first gig couldn’t have been more appropriate, since their record has a distinctly 80’s vibe: Each song is infused with the heavily processed, synth-spun sound of that decade’s hits from Brits like OMD, Spandau Ballet, and Depeche Mode. Combining these mechanized melodies with alt-rock’s standard alienation/love lyrical themes, Dyed Emotions’ mood alternates between giddy bliss and goofy gloom. OFF-RAMP, $3 Wed 12/23 at 9:30 – JM

Entropy Records:
Great to see some home grown U.S. synthpop cropping up in the form of this Washington based band.  This is the band’s first full length and self published release which shows promise.  All the tunes are very well composed, arranged, and upbeat from ballads such as “Simple” to the cool “Simply Saying”. If you enjoy the recent synthpop releases coming out of Europe, you surely will NOT be disappointed by this new bands release.  If they’re performing live in your area, don’t miss them.  Keep up the good work guys.



Germany’s ONSTAGE magazine 08/14/1999
Klar, wie sollte es auch anders sein: mit Seattle verbindet der Musikfreund, der den Anfang der neunziger bei vollem Bewußtsein erlebte erste einmal das Unwort Grunge. Danach kommt lange nichts ...
Die glorreiche Revolution (oder Retrolotion?) der Gitarrenmusik konnte mit Bands wie Nirvana, Soundgarden und Pearl Jam internationalen Durchbruch erzielen.  Die Airplaycharts und Musikmedien dieser Welt bekamen frischen Wind und eine Geschichte, die sich gut vermarkten ließ.
Doch diese Revolution fraß ihre Kinder schnell.  Der stilprägende Impuls der von Seattle ausging nutzte sich um so schneller ab, je mehr Bands auf den erfolgsversprechenden Trendzug aufsprangen, so daß das eigentlich Bewegende schnell verblaßte.
Der Sturm des Aufbruchs, der von Seattle ausging, legte sich und hinterließ Ruinen der Krativität.
Das Bild, das Seattle Ende der Neunziger bietet ist völlig anders.  Neben Traditionalisten und digitalen Projekten füllen Bands die Szene, die komplett andere musikalische Wege gehen.
Solche Bands sind Lovesick und Dyed Emotions, zwei Kinder der Stadt, die sich an englischen Bands wie The Cure, The Smith oder Joy Division orientieren und diese Einflüsse mit ihrer amerikanischen Vorprägung verbinden und in die Echtzeit umsetzen. Klangliches Resultat sind getragene, zerbrechliche dunkle Popstücke mit Tendenz zur Eigenständigkeit. Für us-Verhältnisse geradezu introvertiert gehen die traurigen Amis ans Werk und hinterlassen bei Konzerten und auf Tonträgern einen nachhaltigen Eindruck.  Erinnern Vision und Ästhetik zuweilen explizit an die britische Goth Music der 80er, so gibt es unterm Strich doch viel Neues zu entdecken.

VICTORIA SPRUNG (Stardust magazine, Jaquoranda, etc)
In the tradition of New Wave geniuses such as Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, and erasure, comes Dyed Emotions.  This Seattle band bring back the intensity and energy of synth-pop, recreating it for the 90’s.  This three piece, Arn Poe on keyboards, vocalist Michael Raven, and guitarist Chris groom, have an extreme talent for riling up the emotions of the listener.  “Aqua Pura” is filled with rich guitars, luch vocals, imaginative and insightful lyrics, and absolutely addictive keyboard sounds. These songs are pure energy, with highly contagious choruses and tunes that just beg you to dance around.  Dyed Emotions is absolutely dynamic live, and makes me pine for the 80’s, a time when music was original, exciting, and enthusiastic.  Dyed Emotions are the most promising band in Seattle, setting the stage for a New Wave of New wave takeover in America.  In short, f***ing brilliant.

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Poe Raven Groom
arn poe
since 1997
keyboards, noisy things, vocals, bass
michael raven
since 1997
vocals, keyboards, bass, miscellaneous live instruments
chris groom
since 1997
guitars, vocals
Genghis Toad Temple
genghis vaughns
2001 - 2003
2001 - 2003
james temple
2001 - 2003
06 Nov 1999
guest keyboards, vocals
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