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INSTRUMENTS: guitar, vocals
OTHER FUNCTION: booking shows
DOB:: 09-21-1977
ORIGIN: Glendive, MT
Born September 21st, 1977 in the small town of Glendive, MT. Chris cut his musical teeth at a very young age to his families record and eight track collections. Fleetwood Mac, Kenny Rogers, Eddie Rabbit and Rick Springfield were among his early favorites. Growing up in the isolation of Eastern Montana had a profound impact on his musical tastes and his mother quickly realized that Chris had a knack for rhythms that belied his youth. To encourage his newfound talent his mother bought him his first instrument, a 25 note glockenspiel, and Chris quickly went to work learning to play as many songs as possible. As he continued to grow, many instruments came in and out of his life including recorders, tambourines, harmonicas and a cheap Casio Keyboard. It wasn’t until 1990 that Chris would discover the instrument that would forever change his life, the guitar.

As an eight grade student attending middle school in the tiny coal mining town of Colstrip, MT. Chris was formally introduced to the guitar. It wasn’t long before he was begging his dad for one of his own. It was on Christmas Day of that year that Chris received his first guitar, a Washburn D-10 acoustic, and for the next couple of years Chris was rarely seen without a guitar in his hands. It was also around this time that Chris was introduced by an older neighborhood boy to the Beatles. Chris quickly devoured every Beatles record he could get his hands on. His personal favorites were "Abbey Road", "the White Album" and "Help". These records would later become the foundation for his burgeoning musical career and continue to be among his favorite albums today.

Progressing through public school, it wasn’t until Chris’ freshman year of high school that he formed his first “real” band. Recruiting his best friend Steve Norris to play drums and anyone they could find to play bass, Chris and Steve retreated to Chris’ basement to cut a ten song cassette tape on Chris’ four track recorder. This rough demo would later be circulated around the tiny community and the group became known by the moniker “The Mudpuppies”. The demo became somewhat of a cult hit in the area and featured tongue in cheek songs such as “Tomsbstone Pizza”, “Paint it Blue” and “Loser”. The band also played several shows around town, including shows at the local Moose Lodge, the annual Colstrip Days celebration and at various school functions.

After graduating from high school in 1996 Chris moved from the isolation of Eastern Montana to the relative metropolis of Seattle, WA. It was here that Chris met Michael Raven and soon the two were working together on Michael’s pet project dyed Emotions. The group continued rotating members in relative obscurity until 1997 when Arn Poe was convinced to relocate from the East Coast to Seattle and joined the fray. The chemistry was instant and soon the band was diving head first into the Seattle club scene. Opening for such 80’s heavyweights as: The Fixx, Flock of Seagulls, Gene Loves Jezebel, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and the Alarm, the group quickly built a solid following. In November of 1998 dyed Emotions debut album “Aqua Pura” was released on Lost Key Records. The album was well received in the synthpop community and was reviewed in several national publications. The singles “Another Day” and “Simply Saying” were also gaining notable airplay on college and internet radio and a modest fan base was developing overseas.

After taking a small break the band headed back into the studio to record the follow up. During this time the band was approached by Dan Savage, a local morning disc jockey for 107.7 The End about contributing a song to a project he was putting together. The band agreed to contribute the song “Night” to the compilation which was released in 1999 and was titled “Drip”. The compilation featured many local Seattle bands and was a benefit for two seattle-area non-profit organizations, AD2SEATTLE and S.A.V.E.(Students Against Violence Everywhere). It was also around this time that the group was approached by synthpop magazine Lexicon about contributing a song for a compilation CD that was to be included with the magazine. The band quickly agreed and the new track “Lost Like You” was included on the disc, which was titled “Now Music for Pop People Volume IV”. Encouraged by their recent success, the band continued on in the studio, working diligently to finish their sophomore album. Little did the group know it would be another 7 long years before the record would see the light of day.

In 2000, the members of the band decided to take break from recording to get out and play live again. During this time, the band was again approached about contributing a song to a compilation album. The band loved the idea of doing a tribute and quickly convened in the studio to record their version of O.M.D.’s hit song “If You Leave”. The compilation CD that the song was included on “Messages: Modern Synthpop Artist Cover OMD” became a modest hit and continued the bands popularity in the synthpop genre.

As the year was coming to its conclusion Michael, Arn and Chris returned to the studio to put the finishing touches on their sophomore album. The record, which was now being called “Art of Regret”, was a dark introspective record. It was a sure turn from the lighter “Aqua Pura” album and was a sign of a more mature group. The dark nature of the record was also the first sign that, inside the group, tempers were flaring and internal pressures were starting to take their toll. Regardless, in November of 2000, the band finished the final tracks for “Art of Regret” and took a much needed break.

During their sabbatical the band was approached by Ninthwave records about contributing a track to the compilation album “WXJL Volume 2, Music for the Masses.” The group decided to tease the new album by previewing the track “Frequency”. The hard edge of the song came as a surprise to the band’s faithful but it was soon clear that the bands new sound was quickly gaining fans.

As more and more time went by people began wondering if dyed Emotions were through. Despite completing the album “Art of Regret” several years earlier the band chose not to release the album so they could focus on other projects. Finally, in the fall of 2006, the band mates contacted each other to discuss the albums release. Final mixes, mastering and artwork were completed in the spring of 2007 and on Sept 4, 2007 “Art of Regret” was finally released. Currently, dyed Emotions are in the process of writing their 3rd studio album.

Chris is also busy getting his new project off the ground. Bringing his brother, Cody, into the mix, The Benefit is currently in the studio working on their debut album. With an electro-pop sound and Cody’s production experience Chris believes the group can be very successful. “Why is there such a stigma attached to pop music?” Chris asks. “Cody and I are not going to apologize for making a pop record.” The band is also busy putting together a live show. “I am really excited to try and recreate this sound live.” says Chris. “It’s either going to be an incredible show or a colossal failure.” Either way the band thinks it is going to be one hell of a good time.
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